Winter Car Care the ModWash Way

Welcome to the Blog! We were thrilled to see Punxsutawney Phil tell us spring is coming soon! Let’s take a minute to look at how you can protect your car while we wait out the winter weather at ModWash Express Car Wash.

1. Clean & Protect

  • RainX Graphene removes contaminants and dirt while enhancing water beading to provide long-lasting protection. Available with our ModMax wash.
  • ModFusion Ceramic Protection protects your car’s exterior and guards against road salt, mud, bugs, sap and more.  Available with ModMax and ModWash.

2. Grit and Grime Removal

ModGuard Under Carriage removes the road grit and grime to help prevent rust and corrosion – this is especially important during the winter months. Available with our ModMax and ModWash options.

3. Basic Maintenance

Along with added features like RainX Graphene and ModFusion Ceramic Protection, the most important thing you can do for your car is wash regularly. Experts advise washing your car at least twice a month to maintain appearance and protect it from seasonal damage. Save money and water when your consider our membership options. Check out our packages here.

4. ModVibes

At ModWash our customers come first. Your car care is important and your experience at our wash is our priority. When you visit your local ModWash Express Car Wash, our expert staff will guide you through the best options for your car care. Swing by and say hello!

We hope our winter care tips help spread a Positive Ripple in our communities!

Drive safe out there Modsters!