Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do you clean the inside of my car?

No, upon exit of the wash tunnel, we provide access to complimentary vacuums, microfiber towels, glass cleaner, sanitizing spray, and a carpet floor mat cleaner.

Do I remain in my vehicle the whole time?

Yes, you will stay in your car during the wash tunnel experience. Upon exit of the tunnel, we encourage you to utilize the complimentary vacuums so that your car is shining on the inside and the outside.

Why is washing my car at the car wash better for the environment?

Washing your car at home can use up to 150 gallons of water. When this untreated water flows into your yard and into sewer systems, it can adversely impact local waterways such as creeks, rivers, and coastal areas.

At ModWash, we use less than 30 gallons of water per vehicle, and the chemicals we use during the wash process are biodegradable and pH balanced. We reclaim and filter the majority of our water, approximately 20 gallons per vehicle, and reuse it. We have a central collection system for water that is not reused and dirt that is accumulated during the wash. After it’s collected, we redirect it to facilities that can properly handle the non-hazardous waste. These facilities are able to further refine and process it to be used for potting soil and fertilizer.

What type of vehicles cannot go thru the car wash tunnel?

  • Duelies – too large for Track
  • Vehicles over 7’6” Height x 7’6” wide
  • Vehicles with Tires over 13 1/2 “ inches will not fit on the conveyor
  • Vehicles with Excess Mud
  • Vehicles with Trailer Hitch and Roof Racks
  • Vehicles with Modifications after Market

What are the accepted methods of payment?

We accept most major credit cards and cash.

What is ModShine 3-step Fusion?

The 3-step process bath delivers an unrivaled clean with a specially formulated low-pH detergent. It acts as a protective Ziplock bag for your paint and may reduce the need to wash as frequently.

What is ModCeramics?

Our ModCeramics coating is applied in a one-step process that bonds to your vehicle’s surface at a molecular level, giving it the ultimate in paint protection and long-lasting shine.

Membership Questions

How do I sign up for an Unlimited ModMembership?

You can sign up here, or at any ModWash location.

Does my Unlimited ModMembership work at all ModWash locations?

We are working really hard to make it possible!

How many times can I visit with my Unlimited ModMembership?

Unlimited means UNLIMITED! The more you visit, the more you save.

How do I update my billing information for my Unlimited ModMembership?

Log in to your account here to manage your payment methods. If you haven’t created your account yet, you will need your email address, your license plate number, and the last four digits of the credit card with which you signed up.

When will I be billed for my Unlimited ModMembership?

Your credit card will be billed each month on the anniversary of your signup date.

Can I transfer my Unlimited ModMembership to a different vehicle?

Yes. Log in to your account here or call your local ModWash to update your membership to a different vehicle.

Can I use my Unlimited ModMembership for multiple vehicles?

Your membership is for your vehicle only, but you can add another vehicle by signing up for a Family Plan. For each additional vehicle you add to the primary ModMembership account, you save $5/month on its membership. For example, vehicle #1 is $29.99/month and vehicle #2 is $24.99/month. MustWash Unlimited Memberships ($19.99) are not eligible for $5 Family Plan discount. All Family Plans must choose the same wash plan for each vehicle. Please call your local ModWash or go in person and they will get you set up!

How do I pay for my Unlimited ModMembership?

Your credit card will be automatically charged for your ModMembership each month. To get your car washed, simply show up. We’ll recognize you by your license plate, so there’s no waiting at the gate. Just drive up and wash.

How do I cancel my Unlimited ModMembership?

If you wish to cancel your membership you can do so by logging into your account at, in person at your local ModWash, or by calling 423-485-0005. Make sure to cancel at least 3 days before your next billing cycle to avoid being charged. Please note that we cannot issue refunds for past cycles.

Still have questions?

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