ModAir, A Fresh Vibe

ModWash is more than just a car wash, it is an experience. At ModWash, a spotless vehicle is harmoniously paired with the unforgettable aroma of our ModAir fresheners. Our custom fragrances create lasting impressions and impact the way you experience your car daily.

* Available for purchase at all ModWash locations.

ModAir Freshener

A Positive Message

Our air fresheners deliver a powerful deodorizing fragrance that also spread a positive message. ModAir features inspiring phrases printed on the ModDrop like “Think BIG” and “Never give up.” At ModWash we stand behind our commitment to inspire those around us, and ModAir™ reminds us of our goals.

Good Vibes

ModAir is available for purchase individually and also shared with guests in every wash. You can’t put a price on a good vibe, and the positive energy that ModAir creates is truly priceless.

A Cultural Phenomenon

ModAir is quickly becoming a cultural phenomenon. Our iconic brightly colored drop can be spotted hanging off a car’s rear-view mirror or traveling the world on social media.

Tag your ModAir using #TravelingMod for a repost. ModAir has a color scheme that pops, a scent that doesn’t stop, and a positive message that is incredibly contagious!

ModAir, Experience the Positive Ripple

Get ModAir today and experience the ModVibe that is sweeping the nation!